Business Promotion with Postcards and Round Corner Business Cards

Postcards and business cards have the same roles as they are all promotional. With the 6×11 postcards, for example, a lot of graphics are necessary in order to visualize stunning graphics which can speak a thousand words

Why choose rounder corner business cards? Business cards contain addresses, names and emails of the card holders. Rounded corner business cards are special. They can be made as detailed as possible and can hold a great deal of information as well. The most importance of all is the fact that they are so durable. Whether they are made from plastic or paper they will still be better than the traditional right-angled business cards. With an elegant precision and just enough space for putting relevant information they are ideal. So long as they are kept well in the card holder they will always be safe and not wrinkle. The five elements of designing effective postcards are:

Postcard sizes and their relevance Basically, the bigger the postcard sizes the better. Size reflects the amount of information and modifications that can be made to a postcard. One of the biggest is the 6×7 postcards which are mostly preferred by exhibitors and restaurants. They are ideal and can host a lot of information which will eventually be convincing for a prospective customer. Another thing which plays a key role is the design of the postcards. They have to be crafted in a way that relates to the products being sold and services as well. They are able to solicit more from the audience if made well and placed in the right hands.

A note from Phila, the Founder of Wellspring Relief…:

Whether you prefer right angle corners as I do or want to try round corner effects, stay true to the warm, person to person transfer of your contact information.

I use Staples for Business Cards, but local printshops are great choices as long as you get the quality you are looking for.

I use Kizoa to design collages and make simple videos.   Then I crop and size them at Microsoft Paint.  You can use any software that you are comfortable to make your postcard, do your mailing etc.

Here is the postcard company that I use.  They have zipcode mailing lists or you can create your own.    The minimum list quantity is only 20 postcards so it’s great for business and personal invitations too.  Yes, a very easy to navigate website.

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