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Recycling is fun.

Here is an item, though new, will perk up any garden, steps or deck.

And our Pictomoney commission will be used to promote the Wellspring Relief Cause.

Read the description in the YouTube Video for where you can get these rocks or see below.


Proceeds will go to our non profit Wellspring Relief (dot com).  Make a purchase at our Amazon link, scroll down: Add Magic and Mystery to Your landscape.  It’s time to transform your flower garden from no man’s land to mystery destination with their glow in the dark pebbles.  They absorb direct sunlight during the day and then radiate soft blue glow at night for up to 2-3 hours then start fading. Approx. $14.99 plus shipping http://amzn.to/2zfbzdX

We recommend making useful items out of discarded items. See YouTube for instructions, just search, “How to and your idea.”

See the free download in the right margin for ideas, and their are many books on the subject.

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